MAHP 2015 Policy Forum on Opioid Addiction Treatment 

MAHP Policy Forum Bridging the Gap between Evidence Based Medicine, Policy, and Practice: Opioid Addiction Treatment Agenda

Dan Ollendorf, Ph.D, Chief Review Officer, ICER, Comparative Effectiveness and Value of Management Options for People with Opioid Dependence


Stuart Gitlow, MD, MPH, MBA, FAPA, President of American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), Opioid Addiction and Evidence Based Practice


Rhonda J. Robinson Beale, MD, Opioid Addiction: A Systems Perspective


Roundtable Discussion

  • Moderator: Martha Bebinger, Reporter WBUR
  • Dan Ollendorf, Ph.D
  • Stuart Gitlow, MD, MPH, MBA, FAPA
  • Rhonda J. Robinson Beale, MD
  • Domenic A. Ciraulo M.D, Chief Medical Advisor, Gosnold on Cape Cod; Representing Massachusetts Association of Behavioral Health Systems (MABHS)
  • Amanda Wilson, MD, President and CEO, CleanSlate Centers
  • Senator Jennifer L. Flanagan, Chair, Joint Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse



The Policy Forum replaces MAHP’s Ethics Program and is designed to be quarterly roundtable discussion addressing important policy issues facing the Massachusetts health care community. Past topics include: What Consumers & Employers are Buying: How Do Purchaser Decisions Affect the Adoption of New Payment Arrangements and The Massachusetts Health Care Sector: Economic. 

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