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Promoting maternal health equity & addressing gaps in maternal health care: @MAHPHealth member plans offer vital resources and programs to support healthy pregnancies for all birthing people. #BMHW24

Expanding drug pricing review authority is vital to tackle excessive Rx price hikes. @MAHPHealth backs @Mass_HPC's role in assessing pricing fairness. It's crucial to extend this oversight to drugs affecting the MA commercial market. Learn more:

It's time to shine a light on pharmaceutical manufacturers operations in MA. Without reporting requirements to entities like @Mass_CHIA or @Mass_HPC, there's no comprehensive data on their financial performance or pricing practices. Learn more:

#DYK? Health plans are under intense scrutiny from state & federal authorities to meet medical loss ratio requirements, undergo premium rate reviews, & maintain transparent financial reporting.

Learn more in @MAHPHealth's latest OnPoint:

Effective oversight & reporting is crucial to maintain stability in the healthcare system. Today, @MAHPHealth released an OnPoint exploring regulatory & financial oversight requirements across hospitals & health systems, pharma, & health plans. Learn more:

The need to ensure that all birthing people have access to high-quality perinatal care: #DYK? The @CDCgov found that 22% of Black women receive lower quality of care than white women & are subject to discrimination. #BMHW24

#DYK? Research shows Black perinatal providers provide care that results in improved outcomes among Black birthing people. @MAHPHealth supports the expansion of MA’s culturally competent perinatal workforce. #BMHW24

The @Mass_HPC health care cost growth benchmark reminds us that every stakeholder plays a crucial role in shaping health care affordability. Indeed, accountability to the cost growth benchmark is a shared responsibility among all stakeholders.

Raising awareness for #BMHW24: According to the @CDCgov Black women in the United States are 3X more likely to die from a pregnancy related cause than White women, & more than 80% of pregnancy related deaths are preventable.

Delve into the intricacies of healthcare oversight with our upcoming publication. @MAHPHealth’s upcoming OnPoint will shed light on the oversight requirements governing hospitals & health systems, pharmaceutical companies, and health plans. More to come later this week!

MAHP Health Plans Take Action to Increase Awareness of the ACCESS Law

Concerned by reports that health plan members are not fully utilizing expanded contraceptive coverage provided under a law passed in 2017, Massachusetts-based MAHP member plans providing coverage to fully-insured members have launched an aggressive public awareness campaign. Read More